The number of partners and orders is growing rapidly. The legal entity we opened in China - Xinglu Import & Export Trade Co., Ltd. is beginning to appear more and more often in the words of competitors and we are confidently beginning to move towards the pedestal in the field in which we were at that time.

A system of statuses was organized in the work; our client could track the status of the purchase of goods online, their delivery to the warehouse and their shipment from China to Russia. On the Chinese side we hired buyers and warehouse employees, on the Russian side we hired managers - this allowed us to take on a larger number of orders and volumes. A system of work for buyers was developed, in which all returns and repurchases were promptly processed. In addition to statuses, notes from the buyer began to be entered on the quantities of goods or other problems. The client could directly contact our buyer and clarify questions with him. There is now insurance for delivery of goods on time, and not just for loss or damage to cargo. We created a telegram channel for our partners for prompt notification of company news. We actively implemented new elements of our service and our partners were delighted with our work.

Over time, we began to notice that our competitors also began to introduce elements of service in our image into their work. Some did this carefully and selectively, while others did not hesitate to try to copy it completely. One way or another, they were unable to get the job done, because our service and quality of work were developing not only on the Russian side, but also on the Chinese side.

At the end of 2018, we are already accepting orders for the supply of gaming computer equipment for computer clubs, tableware for cafes, sports equipment for gyms, bed linen and interior items, building materials and materials for apartment renovation, musical equipment, clothing and many, many different goods for marketplace sellers. Sellers began to come to us not only from KazanExpress, but also from Ozon, Wildberries, YandexMarket and others.