This was the second visit of Ivan, co-founder of the MATE Group, to China. At that time, the company was called “China Babai” and already had up to 5-7 small orders per week. However, there was no understanding of development prospects, because Cargo’s operating model for delivering goods from China did not imply large profits and many such companies simply tried to ruin each other and save on everything where possible. Most small sellers tried to save every cent by bargaining and even through conflicts. As if there are no prospects and this work model is not suitable for starting a good business.

However, we decided to give it a try.

There were a lot of problems in the market for services for the purchase and delivery of goods from China. European customers had difficulty understanding translation from Chinese, regular losses of cargo, scammers, long delivery times, inconsistency between the received cargo and what was ordered, and much more. We decided to create a new model for purchasing and delivering goods from China and focus on reliability and service, rather than on the cheapest price. Work was done to design the service - a logo was created, a small corporate identity was created. In China, they rented a small office with a warehouse away from the place where competitors were located and began work.

Tsui Yang independently received, sorted and packaged goods, and Ivan was in charge of attracting and working with clients. The work has already been based on basic concepts such as customer focus, order care, funds transfer insurance, cargo insurance and damage compensation. The main advantages, of course, were the speed of work; we tried to buy orders immediately upon receipt of funds and promptly send deliveries when goods arrived at the warehouse. Another one of our advantages was fast delivery of goods. Thanks to Tsui Yang, we were able to enter into a partnership with a large logistics company, which had advantages in customs clearance of cargo, due to which our cargo arrived faster and of better quality.

Our work bore fruit; the number of orders increased every month. Sellers began to trust us because we never let them down. Our service for the delivery and purchase of goods from China began to compete in Russia and we began to be noticed.