December 2023 - our company is the main trading operator for sellers of the UZUM marketplace in Uzbekistan; our automated order receiving system records the mark of 1,500 partners. We have created the best conditions on the market for processing the supply of goods from China! A little more detail:

On the Russian side there is already a professional team of managers who solve any problems with our partners, taking care of the stable progress of order execution. The automated system implemented in telegrams has no analogues today among our competitors. In it, partners can create orders any day of the week and at any time, send them directly to our buyers, find out all the delivery rates and working conditions. On the Chinese side, we operate in three cities - Guangzhou, Yiwu, Shenzhen, and in the future, opening a new office on Sanya Island. In Guangzhou, preparations are underway to move to a new two-story office of its own, which will serve as the headquarters. In addition, the company began to rebrand, achieving the status of a “Group of Companies” through the acquisition of its own factory for sewing clothing and knitwear and a new branch of a trading company in the UAE, namely in the city of Dubai.

A new trademark is being registered - “MATE Group”.

We have our first clients from Dubai for the supply of household goods and electronic motorcycles, and the foundation is also being prepared for working with sellers of Noon, Amazon and other marketplaces in the UAE. A platform is also being prepared for the sale of clothing production on Alibaba and other European trading platforms. The direction of supply of goods to the CIS and Uzbekistan is also undergoing changes; our service will also include work on customs clearance of goods and a complete transition to contract work.