In February 2021, we already knew about the covid virus, but we still had no idea about its impact and consequences. At the beginning of March, all customs posts at the border were closed and all delivery of goods was completely paralyzed. We accepted as many orders as possible, thinking that everything would get better soon.

Time passed, but the situation did not change. All partners placed orders in February and in March we were left completely without incoming orders and profits, the existence of the company was in jeopardy. This situation forced us to look for new markets for the supply of goods from China; we began to find new trading platforms, new opportunities for delivering goods to the CIS. A lot of work was done, we received new profitable orders and were able not only to keep the company afloat, but also to become profitable in the month of April, while our competitors outright closed down and went bankrupt.

Among other things, we arranged the supply of equipment and machines for the production of medical masks to Russia, as well as materials for them. Consignments of KN95 masks were sent to Germany, Belgium and Qatar, a container of white T-shirts was sent to Nigeria, and a consignment of gloves was supplied to the McDonalds chain. It was then that we realized the power and prospects of working with other markets besides the CIS. It was at that time that the foundation for the opening of MATE Group began to be laid.

We managed the late spring/summer by delivering goods to the CIS over long distances. Our employees were sick with the virus and worked even through “I can’t.” Ultimately, already in the fall, our cargo began to pass through customs freely, and by the end of the year we reached new records for the number of orders.